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GAS Thaedra pre-amp

Submitted by on February 10, 2010 – 3:02 pm

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GAS Thaedra pre-amp Picture and Description:

 49562605500562630 GAS Thaedra pre amp

This is a clean clean vintage Thaedra pre-amp. I even have the orig sales receipt from 1977, quality checkoff sheet, box, everything. I recently played this unit for 2 days, and find no glitches of any kind. The phono makes the normal light hiss and no buzz, and tho I currently do not have a turntable set up to actually listen to phono, I see no issues with the circuit. This is a very nice sounding unit! The condition is excellent in all respects, and finding a nicer one would be a challenge. I have had this unit for many years and am only selling because I have way too much equipment and it is time to thin my inventory a bit. Please see it's matching amp, the Ampzilla in another listing, also very very nice. Please pay no attention to the shipping cost listed, as it will be incorrect. I will double box to protect the orig, and shipping will be actual cost.

 49562605500562631 GAS Thaedra pre amp
 49562605500562632 GAS Thaedra pre amp
 49562605500562633 GAS Thaedra pre amp