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Submitted by on December 9, 2009 – 6:55 pm

We find the most interesting AudioPreamplifiers.com : Audio Preamplifiers For Sale. Here is the best deal we found for the HITACHI STEREO CONTROL AMPLIFIER HCA-6500 PRE-AMP for sale on the Internet.

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niles s HITACHI STEREO CONTROL AMPLIFIER HCA-6500 PRE-AMP Very Good condition. Works great, sounds great, looks good, no issues. NOTIFY ME OF ANY DAMAGE or MALFUNCTION WITHIN 1 WEEK OF DELIVERY. DO NOT DISPOSE OF THE BOX AND PACKAGING FOR AT LEAST 1 WEEK. You agree to relinquish your right to a refund for DOA or damaged items should you fail to abide by these two instructions. By Buying, or Making a Bid or Offer on this item, you agree to the following terms: SHIPPING DAMAGE CLAIMS: My experience has been that timely, verifiable claims, WHERE MY PACKAGING IS AVAILABLE FOR INSPECTION, are always paid by UPS. Late claims and claims made without the original packing materials being available for inspection, may be denied by UPS. So-called "Hidden Damage" may not be obvious; the box may be in good condition, and even the item itself may appear fine. But Hidden Damage can include DOA, or partially functioning items that have no visible damage, due to vibration, shock, or other factors. Shippers have a short deadline for making claims for "Hidden Damage". NOTIFY ME OF ANY DAMAGE or MALFUNCTION WITHIN 5 BUSINESS DAYS of DELIVERY. DO NOT DISPOSE OF THE BOX AND PACKAGING FOR AT LEAST ONE WEEK. Make sure the items you have purchased are working properly before you dispose of the box and packaging. NO QUESTIONS RETURN: If you would like to return an undamaged, unaltered item, you may do so, at your expense, within 3 business days of delivery, for a refund of the sale price excluding S&H. If you tear or tamper with any sealed wrappers, containers, bags, or blister packs, or open previously unopened boxes, or use brand-new equipment, then it cannot be returned for a full refund. If an item is returned that is damaged, or has been tampered with, then no refund, or a partial refund at my discretion, will be made. For this reason, be certain to insure the return shipment for full value. I can help you with your UPS label, OR drop-off location. It is very important that you notify me before making the return. INACCURATE DESCRIPTION: If you feel that my item description was substantially inaccurate, and you would like to present your own terms for a full or partial refund, then you shall contact me with your request within 3 business days of delivery. I promise to respond promptly, fairly and responsibly. Local Pick up is offered on certain listings. If it is not offered in this listing, you may email a request. There is no fee for local pickup, but the terms are cash only, and there is no cash discount. Paypal requires a common carrier delivery for Seller Protection Coverage; that is why Paypal is not an option if you are picking up. PAYMENT METHODS PAYPAL-VISA or MASTERCARD: If the total Paypal payment is over $250, it must be signed for upon delivery; UPS charges $2.75 for Signature Confirmation, and this fee may be included in your shipping charge. I reserve the right to deny or refund any Paypal payment at my discretion. If you prefer to mail payment, that's fine, but you must email me to find out which forms of payment are acceptable. A NOTE ON SHIPPING CHARGES (applies to Domestic shipping): HANDLING AND MATERIALS ARE FREE - I do not make money on shipping. I cannot control the rates charged by UPS or USPS - I am passing on the least expensive rates available to me consistent with adequate packaging - therefore, please do not rate my shipping costs below "5" . Heavier and larger items cost more to ship, and the packaging weighs more. The Shipping Calculator displays the UPS (or USPS) Shipping Quote to your zip code for the actual weight of the item + the actual or estimated weight of the packaging. Dimensional weight is charged by UPS, and USPS, for large packages. There may be an additional Insurance charge for items valued over $100. A Signature Delivery fee may be added for items estimated to have a total payment due of $250 or more, as required by Paypal. UPS adds a surcharge for residential addresses, and another surcharge for "rural" zip codes. These are all beyond my control. If you have a question or comment about shipping costs, feel free to contact me before you bid. UPS has raised rates substantially over the last year. A NOTE ON SHIPPING TIME (applies to Domestic Shipping): You will always be notified by email, by me, or by UPS or Paypal, the day your item is shipped (you may have to check your spam folder). Please note the day of shipment when rating this seller's delivery time. I ship within 1-3 business days of payment - this does not include Weekends or Holidays . If I note a problem with the item before shipment, I will hold shipment and notify you by email and/or telephone. * * * I reserve the right not to sell this item to the high bidder based on feedback history, lack of feedback, or failure to comply with the terms of the listing. I reserve the right to refuse any payment, or to require a particular form of payment, at my discretion. "0" feedback bidders - to avoid having your bid cancelled, or having your winning bid bypassed in favor of another bidder with more feedback - email me for approval before you bid.