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McIntosh C-33 Audiophile Stereo Preamp C33 Preamplifier

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McIntosh C-33 Audiophile Stereo Preamp C33 Preamplifier Picture and Description:

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McIntosh C-33 Audiophile Stereo Preamp C33 Preamplifier A Truly Great Sounding Preamp! MUST SEE!! No Reserve!!! McIntosh C-33 Preamplifier Owner’s Manual Available in pdf by Clicking Here In the mid 1940’s Frank McIntosh headed a small firm specializing in the design and development of radio and broadcast stations. Being on the forefront of this burgeoning industry he saw the many shortcomings of the professional equipment of the day. Most notably was the need for high-powered, low distortion amplifier. Hiring engineer Gordon Gow as his assistant the duo researched and developed a landmark amplifier. The amplifier was so far superior in output and distortion specs it was at first met with disbelief. The audio test equipment of the day was not designed to test an amp of such exceeding performance characteristics. But the proof was in its performance. Word of mouth spread and demand grew thus Frank McIntosh & Gordon Gow had new day jobs and McIntosh Laboratory was born. Hindsight confirms the company introduced a new era of professional audio excellence and they were amongst the first to market professional equipment to the consumer. Thus nurturing the high-fidelity industry and spearheading it for years to come. For more than six decades McIntosh has maintained dominance in the high-end audio industry. They are the only surviving “foundational” high fidelity equipment manufacturer around today, still headquartered in Binghamton, New York, with operation and manufacturing carried out in the same method of the originators. McIntosh’s permanence in the marketplace is owed to its history of phenomenal components, all adhering to the same design criterion set forth by Frank McIntosh and Gordon Gow; superior sonic performance and unmatched reliability. Every component was created with capacity so great that it will never be operated at or near its stress point. A good reason why an estimated 80% of the McIntosh components produced since 1949 are still in use today and what’s more amazing is these same components are outperforming modern counterparts with the benefit of years of technological progression. When you buy a McIntosh you’re buying a lifetime component! The McIntosh C33 was introduced in 1981 with a production run until 1985 and an original selling price of $2,450.00. Its design is the culmination of numerous generations of technological progress by one of the oldest hi-fidelity manufacturers in the US. It is a true representation of refined perfection. It was one of the most advanced stereo preamplifiers ever built and exhibits a level of flexibility seldom seen today. In their July, 1982 review High Fidelity Magazine described it as “mind boggling in its usefulness and flexibility”, a statement that is even truer today with the abandonment of facilities to accommodate vintage source components. Of-course, none of its highly developed features compromise the purity of the sound stream. The C33 maintains a sonically accurate signal from any input source, whether vintage or modern, all the way to the power amp, without adding color or distortion. In typical McIntosh tradition the C 33 is tremendously well-built, contributing to its stellar reputation of being extreme durable and dependable. The C 33 has many useful features to enhance your listening enjoyment. They include Two Preamplifiers in One Unique separate listen and record facilities, introduced and perfected by McIntosh, permit complete and independent operation. Separate input selectors, electrically isolated from each other, provide noninterference operation in both the listen and record preamplifier. Both listen and record input selectors control low DC voltages which in turn control, electronically, Field Effect Transistor Analog switches. Because the FET analog switches are located at the input, noise, switch clicks and pops are eliminated and the potential for induced hum pickup is close to zero. You can record on 3 recorders from any source and you can copy from one recorder to another while listening to a completely different program. The program being recorded can be monitored easily with the monitor pushbutton. A fourth tape deck may be plugged into the front panel without disturbing your permanently wired system. Highly Advanced EQ Section Five separate tone shaping controls provide musical spectra tone shaping. Each control adjusts two octave band segments to satisfy your personal preference or the demands of the program material. At the detent in the center of the rotation of each control the equalizer circuits are disconnected, completely removed from the operating circuits. The McIntosh Compandor The McIntosh Compandor permits expansion or compression of the dynamic range of program material. Compressed recordings and broadcasts can be expanded on playback to restore dynamic range. Tapes can be recorded using compression and replayed using expansion to increase signal-to-noise ratio. The operating ranges of the Compandor are so versatile that commercially encoded program material can be reproduced without the added investment in other outboard equipment Advanced Loudness Control Loudness controls in ordinary equipment are usually simple, passive circuits connected to a portion of the rotation range of the volume control. As a consequence, loudness compensation accuracy is dependent on many variables such as speaker efficiency, amplifier gain and differences in input level. The C 33 loudness control is continuously variable, operates independently of the volume control, and its contour is accurately modeled after the family of "Equal Loudness” curves developed by Drs. Fletcher and Munson Precision Tracking Volume Control The precision tracking volume control, a step attenuator, has channel to channel accuracy within 1 dB throughout its entire rotation. Such extremely accurate matching is achieved through electronically controlled trimming of the resistance material deposited on pairs of printed circuits. The accuracy of the channel to channel balance and the completely noise free performance are permanently maintained. Use does not affect performance as in ordinary volume controls. Unbeatable McIntosh Style The appearance of a McIntosh speaks eloquently of precision, quality, premier performance and long, trouble-free life. Consider the construction and materials used in the front panel and knobs. Each constituent part is selected for long, wear-resistant life and stable attractive styling. The panel itself is select white flint glass, free from bubbles, flow marks and other faults. It is silk screened on the reverse side with thermal setting epoxy screen inks which practically become a part of the glass. Then it is built into a brightly polished and anodized frame. The knobs used are meticulously machined of solid aluminum then anodized and thermally isolated. AC Power Switching Convenience and ease of operation support the concept of human engineering when the AC power switching versatility is considered. The AC power to the entire stereo system may be controlled from either the turntable's power switch or the power switch on this exceptional preamplifier. Connected to a special power outlet is a current sensing relay that will be energized when the turntable is turned on or when the red power switch is pushed on the C 33. The relay, in turn, controls the AC power to the rest of the stereo system. Sensitivity of the circuit is adjustable to match the current consumption of your turntable High-Grade Transformer You can install your C 33 anywhere. A solid copper band, a silicon steel band and a mild steel outer casing confines the magnetic field of the power transformer to reduce the potential for hum pickup in either the C 33 or associated equipment. This time proven yet expensive construction bypasses the destructive heat and other associated problems found in alternate, less satisfactory methods of transformer construction. The McIntosh transformer design and construction gives you a very worthwhile benefit by removing any limitations on how or where you may install your equipment. Superior Protection A wide band, very low distortion 20 watts per channel power amplifier feeds power to headphones. The power amplifier is a complete, fully designed amplifier. Music listening is protected by the patented POWER GUARD circuit and circuit components are protected by the patented Sentry Monitor circuit. The Power Guard waveform comparison circuit detects waveform differences between the input and the output signal. A sampling of the program material at the output of the amplifier is constantly compared with the program material at the amplifier input. Should the differences reach 1%, Power Guard goes to work. In only a fraction of a millisecond Power Guard dynamically reduces input level to prevent amplifier overload yet permits the amplifier to deliver its absolute maximum power output without extra distortion. The operation of the Power Guard circuit is absolutely silent. There is not even "soft" clipping. There is simply no clipping! The Sentry Monitoring circuit constantly monitors the output signal. At signal levels up to rated output this circuit has no effect. If the power output exceeds design maximum, or in the event of a short circuit or severe mismatch, the Sentry Monitoring circuit will protect the output transistors from failure. Amazing Phono Section McIntosh has pushed the barriers of low noise performance with its innovative, totally shielded, direct input connected phono preamplifier section. Superior performance, even in the presence of strong interference fields, is assured by the use of the steel exterior chassis plus an inner shield enclosure of plated steel. High-Grade Construction & Internal Components The main circuit board in the C 33, as with the other boards, is constructed of military grade epoxy fiberglass resin. The photo processed circuit foils are protected from excessive solder, potential short circuits, and destructive circuit bridging by an extra process, screened solder resist. This is another McIntosh practice to protect your musical pleasure and the unit's performance. Numerous Inputs For Modern & Vintage Source Components two, seven source, input selector switches for 3 tape decks, 2 turntables, 1 tuner, and 1 auxiliary, which allow independent source selection for listening and recording. High & Low Filters high and low frequency filters, which reduce high frequency noise and low frequency rumble at a 12 dB per octave roll off rate. Two Headphone Jacks two front panel headphone jacks, which are powered by the internal monitor amplifier. Speaker Output Options two speaker output pushbuttons, which control the operation of two sets of loudspeakers (when used with the optional SCR-2 speaker control relay) or two sets of power amplifiers. Electronically Regulated Power Supplies which maintain stable operation even during periods of low line voltage. And Much More! Preamplifier Section Frequency Response + 0, -0.5dB from 20Hz to 20,000Hz Maximum Voltage Output 10 volts from 20Hz to 20,000Hz Total Harmonic Distortion 0.01% maximum from 20Hz to 20,000Hz at rated output Sensitivity Phono- 2mV for 2.5V rated output (0.4mV IHF) High Level- 250mV for 2.5V rated output (50mV IHF) Signal to Noise Ratio, A-Weighted Phono- 90dB below 10mV input (84dB IHF) High Level- 100dB below rated output (86dB IHF) Maximum Input Signal Phono- 100mV High Level- 10 volts Input Impedance Phono- 47k ohms and 65pf capacitance High Level- 50k ohms Equalization Controls Variable 12dB boost to 12dB cut at center frequencies of 30, 150, 500, 1500, 10k Hz Compandor Ratios From 1:2 compression to 2:1 expansion LF Filter Flat or roll-off at 12dB per octave below 50 Hz. HF Filter Flat or roll-off at 12dB per octave above 7,000 Hz Monitor Amplifier Section Continuous Average Power Output 20 watts per channel into 8 ohms, from 20Hz to 20kHz, at 0.01% maximum harmonic distortion Frequency Response + 0 -0.2dB from 20Hz to 20,000Hz Sensitivity 750mV for rated output (170mV IHF), input impedance is 27K ohms Signal to Noise Ratio 100dB below rated output (87dB IHF) General Semiconductor Complement 31 Bipolar Transistors 76 Field Effect Transistors 35 Integrated Circuits 107 Diodes 1 Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) AC Power Outlets 2 turntable current-sensing, 100 watts, green 4 switched, 1200 watts total, black Power Requirements 120 volts, 50/60 Hz, 25 to 85 watts Finish Front panel is anodized gold and black with special gold/teal nomenclature illumination. Chassis is black. Dimensions 17" W x 5 1/2" H x 13 1/2" D Weight 22.5 lbs Preamp was gone through by an experienced tec. All features and functions are working flawlessly. Unit sounds great on both channels with no hum or distortion. All controls were properly cleaned all lamps were replaced where needed. Cosmetically preamp is clean. The faceplate is very nice, no bubbling, a tiny bit of ware on the edges of the center panel trim plate. The top side of the preamp has some scratches and marks. This is a No Reserve Auction so it will go to the highest bidder. I specialize in shipping large delicate items and I know what it will take to pack this right. All you have to pay towards shipping, insurance, packaging material, and expert packing is $35.75 to anywhere in the continental U.S. I will also ship this unit World Wide and will only charge the Actual Shipping cost. Please note: the item pictured is guaranteed to be the actual item you will receive. None of my pictures are taken off other peoples pages or web sites, so bid with confidence - what you see is what you get! PayPal and any other eBay approved payments gladly accepted! 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