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We find the most interesting AudioPreamplifiers.com : Audio Preamplifiers For Sale. Here is the best deal we found for the MITSUBISHI DA-C20 PREAMP / TUNER for sale on the Internet.

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MITSUBISHI DA-C20 PREAMP / TUNER Picture and Description:

 70703703601678040 MITSUBISHI DA C20 PREAMP / TUNER

***MITSUBISHI DA-C20 PREAMP / TUNER*** Welcome. This auction is for a Mitsubishi DA-C20 Dual Mono (Stereo) Preamplifier / Tuner. Arguably, the best that came out of Japan in the late 70's, the specs are still commendable against todays current digital equipment, with the added bonus of this being analog, or course! This unit is capable of being run in either stereo or mono mode to enhance the effect of the media played through it. (For the serious record collector, running mono LP's through a stereo is akin to testing a live light socket with a wet finger. You can do it....but.) Dual controls cover the face of this unit allowing precise control of either of the mono channels. This is not balancing channel A against channel B through a pot control, it adjusting channel A independently of B. Doesn't sound nearly as impressive as it does in action. This unit has been checked through and is fully functional right on down to the control lights. There is a 1/4" scratch on the top of the cabinet. The face and sides are in excellent condition and I didn't note any scratches or wear to the face, controls, indicators, or silk screen. It really doesn't appear that this unit got much of a workout. A pity given its quality. I hoope the next owner will correct that and actually appreciate it more often. In the event that anyone is keeping score and cares about what it was tested with, I used AR speakers and turntable, A Sansui amp, and a Teac Tape deck. No problems! I apparently have competition on this unit and while I can't say that I tested mine with Numchucks or a whole LOT of other really good stuff and haven't populated my description with ALL CAPS LISTINGS OF ALL THE CONTROLS, the bottom line is thus, his is sold as is, mine is sold as is. I've been on eBay since '99 and while I've collected some negs over the years, none of them have been for bad descriptions. I can also state that none have been for "doctored" equipment. If it's collectable, cleaning is fine, enhancing is not.Reserve is set at $400.00 Thanks for looking and be sure to check out my current auctions for other interesting items. If we haven't done business before, READ MY E-MAILS/TERMS SECTION. If we haven't done business in a while, READ MY E-MAILS/TERMS SECTION E-mails: I will do my best to answer any question sent to me regarding my auctions. Please be advised that there are a few subjects that go unanswered. The first is any question already answered by the description text, the others are pretty much just common courtesy items: If you don't have the time to reference the auction title/description AND eBay# in your e-mail, then why would you think I have the time to look it up to see which auction you're talking about? If you don't have your name included at the bottom of your text, then I do not have anyone to respond to do I? So when you don't get an answer, it's because I don't do "hey you" replies. Shipping is figured for the winning bidder ONLY! This include both domestic and foreign. I've had as many as 14 requests for shipping estimates on a single auction! (And not one of them bid!) Multiply even 3-4 requests X the 1000+ listings I run per week and figure out the time involved in responding. Sorry, I don't have a secretary to do it for me. Try the automatic figurer at the bottom. SECRET INFO! There seem to be many who think that I have "secret information" about the items that I sell, and that I don't include said secret info in the descriptions, but will tell them if they write me. Trust me, if I know something about an item, I put it in the description, even the "bad stuff". I've bought items that were underdescribed or outright lied about. Those sellers got negged, I don't want the same happeing to me, besides it inhibits repeat "bidiness". Payment & Terms: Paypal payment from your credit card, account balance or from your checking account. Any other payment system that does NOT require that I sign up or pay a fee to receive funds. Have another payment plan? e-mail me. If it doesn't involve a personal or business check, we can talk. Shipping will take a week or two, so please be patient. I know that I have feedback comments about what a fast shipper I am, but those are from my relatives or people I paid to say that. Yes, there are many faster shippers, but I'm not only trying to get it to you intact, but with limited time! If you need it ASAP, please let me know and I will accommodate you with my J.I.T./Expedited Service. This carries a surcharge of course and as the old saying goes, "If you have to ask the price....." Just the quotes for this special service carry a charge. Packaging fees are common sense based. I'm just interested in covering the time & materials used (Usually $1.00-15.00). The more time & materials used, the higher the fee. You won't find an $8.00 "handling charge" masquerading behind a 99ยข auction here. And if you think about it, you'd really rather spend the money on careful packaging than to have your fragile purchase just shoved into some old box and sent to you unprotected. I've had that happen and so have plenty of others, but none of them were my customers. Shipping is done via USPS Priority Mail or FedEx Ground. Large/Heavy items (over 10#) are shipped by FedEx ground and require a street address, NOT A P.O. BOX. If you don't have an address, borrow one! Send it to your work address, or your uncle Ephram's house instead. NO UPS! Buyer is to pay all shipping, packaging (where applicable), and insurance costs (MANDATORY for electronics) from zip 60565. IMPORTANT NOTE: All items are sold as is, where is, with no warranty expressed or implied unless specifically noted in the auction description. I do my best to accurately describe the items that I sell. 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