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Threshold Model S/500 amplifier

Submitted by on December 8, 2009 – 10:09 pm

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Threshold Model S/500 amplifier Picture and Description:

 34152704959376810 Threshold Model S/500 amplifier

Rare and hard to find THRESHOLD MODEL S/500 AMPLIFIER with 250 watts per channel into 8 ohms. Cosmetically perfect. However, N.B., for unknown reasons, the amplifier will not turn on. One day, I went to listen to my system, and it simply would not power on. I have not had it professionally checked. Consequently, it is sold as-is. The Buy-it-Now option price reflects the amps non-op current condition. This amp has received rave reviews. See http://www.vintageamprepair.net/s500.html Excerpt: "I have never, ever heard an amplifier that can control woofers the way this one does. Low-end detail from every speaker I fed it to was better than I had heard from those speakers before. It is also one amplifier that has the capability of wiping out a bad load instead of vice versa. I did not try the amplifier on the Quad 63s, but I have a strong suspicion that Quad’s throw-a-crowbar-across-the-amplifier output-protection system would be splattered all over the map by this amplifier, simply because of its ability to throw overkill-type power at anything that stands in its way. (An accidental speaker-cable short caused a white flash that melted the offending wire strands.) I had the feeling this thing could cold-start a Mack truck." See also: http://6streetbridge.blogspot.com/2008/12/threshold-s500-amplifier-review.html. Excerpt: "The S/500 simply dominates any speaker it drives. The sheer power, low impedance and high damping factor controlled my KEF speakers more so than any of my tube amplifiers. But yet the sound had a refinement that was totally unexpected from such a monster. Treble was light and airy with incredible extension. Not only was it clean, but it was also free of etch. Based on my past experiences with silicon amplification this is the total opposite of what I had predicted. The midrange was glare and grit free and reminded me of some of the best tube amplifiers I have heard. Not exactly like a tube amp mind you, but very similar with warm musicality and excellent body. And the bass - the bass! - I cannot accurately describe the bass except to say it is the best I've ever heard. Not only is it low and controlled, but it is extremely musical. I can hear different bass shades and musical interactions that were just hints when coming through a tube amplifier output transformer. I never knew a KEF C-75 8" woofer could go so low!" See also matching pre-amplifier and phono stage units listed as e-bay item # 270493082833. Please visit my seller reviews/comments and bid with confidence. Thank you for looking and bidding!

 34152704959376811 Threshold Model S/500 amplifier
 34152704959376812 Threshold Model S/500 amplifier
 34152704959376813 Threshold Model S/500 amplifier