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Tresham Audio DR-3 Pre-Amp & PS-1 PSU w/ MC Phono Stage

Submitted by on October 22, 2010 – 8:55 am

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Tresham Audio DR-3 Pre-Amp & PS-1 PSU w/ MC Phono Stage Picture and Description:

 170032507149689940 Tresham Audio DR 3 Pre Amp & PS 1 PSU w/ MC Phono Stage

This is a really high quality active pre amp with a great MC phono stage. There's clearly been some Naim influence in the design with the minimal controls, offboard power supply with torrodial transformer and big capacitors as well as the phono stage being a pair of removable circuit boards that sit on pins within the pre amp. It's also in the same kind of "shoe box" case that Naim used to use. It has a pretty neutral sound too - transparent and lean. It has four inputs: Phono, Tuner, Aux and Tape. The Tape input uses a five pin DIN so I'm including a good quality Chord Cobra 1m interconnect. I'm also including the 1m Gotham 4 pin to 4 pin DIN cable (just like a SNAIC) that connects the pre to the PSU - this cost me 30 but sounded a whole lot better than the original one. You'll need an IEC power cable - well, I can throw in a "get you going" one but this component deserves better - maybe a Nordost Shiva if you could only find one..... It's in reasonable cosmetic condition, there are some chips in the paint and the self adhesive rubber feet have come off - nothing serious in other words. It's in perfect working order, there's no crosstalk, it doesn't hum, crackle or make any other untoward noises - it's all great. I'm only selling because it doesn't really match my power amp, it has more gain than I need so I'm switching to a passive pre and an offboard phono stage. I'm prepared to ship worldwide although there's no facility to change the voltage from 230V AC. If you're outside the UK please email for shipping prices. If you're in the south west you're welcome to collect in person - I can dem on appointment. Please look at my other items! _gsrx_vers_419 (GS 6.0.7 (419))