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Vintage Linn LK1 Preamplifier and LK280 Power Amp VG

Submitted by on November 19, 2009 – 7:44 am

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Vintage Linn LK1 Preamplifier and LK280 Power Amp VG Picture and Description:

 31122004063618910 Vintage Linn LK1 Preamplifier and LK280 Power Amp VG

Up for auction are the now vintage Linn LK1 preampilifer (Serial No. 101736) and accompanying Linn LK280 power amplifier (Serial No. 201586). I inherited these from my late stepfather several years ago, who was the original owner. Cosmetically, both are in very good condition for their age (20+ years). There are a pair of scratches on the top left and right of the LK1, a few marks on one side, and two areas on the face with very fine, faint scratches that can really only be seen when viewed from certain angles in light. The LK280 is in the better cosmetic condition of the two, with only a few faint marks on the top. There are a few scratches on the bottom of the LK280. All of the heat sink fins are straight with no chips. Both the LK1 and LK280 retain all four of their original feet, as well as their respective built, tested and inspection stickers. While I believe these two units were purchased together as a set, they have different exterior finishes. The LK1 features a lightly textured "orange peel" semi-shiny finish on its face, while the LK280's face is a smooth piece of flat black metal. The Linn logo and type on the face of the LK1 is a creamy off-white with more predominately raised lettering, while on the LK280 the Linn logo and type is a more subtle blue-ish grey with slightly less raised lettering. Probably not surprising to Linn aficionados, but for those like me who arent well versed in Linns product history, it would appear this is perhaps due to the fact that the original LK2 power amp that accompanied the LK1 preamplifier did not live up to expectations, and a year or so after introducing the pair, Linn released a revision, the LK280, which took the place of the LK2 in the LK1/power amp package. Please click here for the original Stereophile review of the LK1 and LK280 from July 1989, which also includes full specifications for each and mentions the LK2 and subsequent release of the LK280. As for how the pair perform, I am not an audiophile, but I can say that overall the sound produced is crisp, clean and clear, and is probably technically fairly transparent, letting the source components do the work of reproduction and coloration, if any. I would agree with the Stereophile review and say that LPs sound better on the LK1 and LK280 than do CDs, though I think LPs almost always sound better! Irrespective of opinions on what sounds best, both the preamplifier and power amp function as they should. I've used both together, as well as the preamplifier by itself. Included with this auction are the following: original Linn Owner's Manual (Part No. Pack 009 Issue 2 October 1988) in very good to excellent condition with no rips, stains or tears original optional Remote Control for the LK1 in excellent cosmetic condition two (2) original ~1.25 meter (49 1/4-inch) long 3-pin XLR inter-connects two (2) original ~1.25 meter (49 1/4-inch) optional 3-pin XLR-gold plated RCA/Phono stereo inter-connects one (1) original ~1.25 meter (49 1/4-inch) optional 5-pin XLR connector-gold plated RCA stereo inter-connect with send and return for connecting a tape recorder to the LK1 two (2) ~6-foot long power cables (I can not say either is original; both are standard 18AWG shielded power cables) two (2) pairs (L+R) Monster Cable QuickLock Gold Banana Connectors Ive used all of the inter-connects, as well as the remote, which, while not the most well-designed or easy to use, is, at a minimum, convenient. Everything functions as it should, and the winning bidder will have everything he or she needs to begin using straight away. I hate to part with these. Ive held onto them for years with the intention of setting up another stereo at home, but the reality is theyll likely continue to sit on a shelf, and its better for them to be used, and for me to make some room! These are extremely well-made, British Hi-Fi components that still perform admirably, and will likely do so for another 20 years. New, the LK1 and LK280, along with the remote and inter-connects would have cost $2770 (in 1988 dollars no less)! As with most of my auctions, my starting bid for both the LK1 and LK280, and all accessories is just $0.99 with NO RESERVE! Highest bidder takes it, so dont let these get away! I unfortunately do not have the original box or packing material. That said, it will be the winning bidders choice to either A) have me purchase packing materials at cost to winning bidder and package the pre-amp and amp myself, or B) have them professionally packaged at a UPS Store at cost ($20). I want these to arrive safely, as Im sure the winning bidder will too. So please disregard whatever the calculated shipping is at auctions end and do not use eBay's checkout. I will invoice the winning bidder once packing and shipping options have been determined. The winning bidder is responsible for actual shipping charges via UPS Ground in the Continental U.S. (note I never make money on shipping and will gladly refund the difference should the actual shipping amount be less than what is calculated). I will also require insurance, which means UPS will require signature for delivery. Please note these items are being sold AS-IS. Email me with any questions, and be sure to see what else I have up for auction this week and in the coming weeks. Thanks for looking, and good luck! _gsrx_vers_308 (GS 5.3.7 (308)) On Nov-16-09 at 19:09:06 PST, seller added the following information: Regarding the Remote Control, the battery compartment cover is of course included and intact (I would have definitely mentioned as much if that weren't the case). "611" is paint-stamped on the inside, and the outside of the battery compartment cover has raised lettering that reads "Made in Germany (West)." I can provide additional photos upon request. I've just tested its range, and with a new battery, I verified that it will work from approximately 32 feet away (the longest distance I can verify in my home). Please continue to contact me with any questions, and I will continue to do my best to answer them.